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Welcome to Profilia

Based in the West Island of Montreal (QC), we are a small business dedicated to offering personal consultations in terms of job search, including resume writing services and a professional resume template collection. We are here to help you whether you applying for a new job or simply returning on the job market.

In such a competitive market, your CV is your sole representative when in the hands of your potential employer. Companies receive hundreds of similar applications on a regular basis, so yours must be clear, attractive to the employer and emphasize the skills and qualities you are offering the organization as an interesting candidate.

Our goal is to help you prepare for success, and to ensure you are marketing yourself positively within your specific job search in order to get your foot in the door and land the interview you desire.

About us

As a growing Canadian business specialized in resume writing services, our philosophy is centered on a professional yet personalized approach to fulfilling each client’s needs as individuals. Dedicated to efficiency and an acute attention to details, we firmly believe in the help we provide our clients and the value of the assistance we bring by taking the necessary time with each person on an individual basis.

Profilia Jessica GohierJessica Gohier
Founder / Resume Expert
Profilia CV

Jessica Gohier established Profilia after completing her undergraduate degree in 2009. She is, among many other things in life, a resume consultant, freelance writer, editor, proofreader and business woman.

In addition to her valuable experience in writing and correcting documents, her qualifications include an undergraduate degree in Applied Human Sciences (Concordia University) and a graduate diploma in Public Relations Management (McGill University) as well as Project Management certification.
Through her passion for helping people and encouraging their personal development, she has established herself as a trusted reference in terms of resume development and professional advice for both clients and friends alike.

In addition to her work for individual clients and organizations, her work is also featured on and, highly reputable references in terms of online job search and career advice.

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