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Interview Coaching

If you have an interview scheduled with a potential employer, this is a great sign! Congrats! If you just starting your job search, you surely expect to be invited to some interviews shortly as well.

Don't sweat it! We are here to help you prepare so that you can perform as best you can when the day comes!

Typically, an interview implies that your resume got you through the first round, and that you fit the overall profile the employer is looking for. The interview is your opportunity to shine! This step often makes candidates nervous, especially if this not something that you do very often. If this rings true to you, rest assured that you are not alone feeling this way.

Our proposed approach is meant to break the ice with you. Our objective is to help you get your feet wet, get comfortable with the context of an interview, start preparing some key answers, coach you in articulating these well, and build your overall confidence towards the interview process. The best part? We are doing so in a non-judgemental environment, with the goal of providing you reinforcement and constructive feedback.

We believe in you, and we want to help you do the same before your next interview. Confidence goes a long way! Grab the bull by the horns!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


We believe that a good coach goes beyond traditional certifications. In fact, we believe that experience and charisma play a big role in whether an interview coach can have a positive impact on your preparedness, confidence and skills.

Every situation and job seeker require a specific set of factors to drive their comfort and success. Our team is diversified in terms of experience, personalities and industries of expertise, carefully making sure we have a coach that fits every job seeker’s criteria.

Meet our team of interview coaches!

Zeeta Maharaj, M.ed

70$ / hour

Zeeta Maharaj is passionate about helping people. She is a creative and loves to use her voice to encourage others seek employment and remain motivated during transition periods. Her unique approach to teaching and learning allows her to deliver workshops that are stimulating and informative.

Previously a career advisor for Concordia University’s Career and Planning Services department, she helped many graduating students who were transitioning to their careers. She also offers a solid background as a counsellor in various academic settings. Helping people for the past 10 years, this makes coaching her passion.

Zeeta draws on her undergraduate studies in Human Relations (Concordia University) and master’s in educational psychology (McGill University) to continue to excel at offering quality information to those seeking assistance for job and career advice.


  • Customer Service (broad)
  • Education
  • Sales

Super power

Zeeta's super power is making people feel empowered by giving them the tools to succeed in their field. Zeeta's zeal for connecting people and using her voice is her true secret weapon and has a way of infusing positive energy to everyone she meets.


  • English (Preferred)
  • French

Sherri Rabinovitch

120$ / hour

Sherri Rabinovitch had been in a HR corporate role for 14 years when she decided to take her skills and experience into private practice in September 2014.

Sherri develops long lasting relationships with her clients in order to stay on top of their needs and ensure continued success. As a career coach, Sherri excels at empowering people to find their lifes’ purpose, through a collection of tools that she carefully crafts for each individual she coaches.

Sherri can find ways to optimize the skills you already have and uncover those that are hidden beneath the surface. Sherri’s biggest goal is to empower and encourage women to fulfill their destiny! Her unique approach to life will inspire you to make those changes.


  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • HR
  • General social sciences

Super power

I am able to celebrate and empower women to get them on the right career path, without all the guilt!


  • English

Maceo Bynoe, CIS

70$ / hour

Bringing out the best out of ourselves can be a daunting task. My great passion is helping people shine a light on their natural gifts and acquired skills.

I have helped team members, clients and peers find what truly makes them stand out, guiding them towards achieving their personal and professional goals. No single approach is right for every individual. As a certified interview strategist, I will find the game plan that is right for you.

My education background includes an Associates degree in Installing Telecommunication equipment as well as several internal trainings in candidate interviewing and selection. I have also earned a CPC certification as an Interview strategist


  • Customer Service
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Students

Super power

I lift people up while helping them recognize, build and be proud of their unique expertise!


  • English
  • French

Lynn Sicotte, CHRP

150$ / hour

So you are now ready to land in your dream career? You know, the kind of place where you’ll be making a positive difference, every single day of the week.

Before you move forward, my question to you is: Are you sure that you are at your absolute best, to ace your way through the interview process? Will you excel during those crucial moments in which your future is decided upon?

Want to have the best possible impact in all authenticity? Let’s talk. I’m Lynn Sicotte, and I've been working as a certified human resource professional for the last 20 years. I am also a kind-hearted business woman, who genuinely loves to give concrete advice on how to land in the right position for you.

My diversified background helps me connect to a wide range of people from all horizons. Because of this, I can quickly grasp where you come from, as well as to where you are headed. The services I provide go far beyond expertise, since they come from a passion from within.


Administration, Marketing, Procurement, Accounting, Sales, Customer Service, Mechanics, Engineering, Freelance, Professional, Management, Human Resources, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, IT, Food services, Public Sector, Dealerships, Heavy Equipment, Entrepreneurship.

Super power

I help people to position themselves with impact and authenticity so that they can fulfill their greatest passion at work. Whether it is to perk up your value proposition (elevator pitch) in a way that accurately describes who you really are, or to practice on key questions to better highlight your strengths and accomplishments, or answering some difficult questions smoothly, feel empowered and more confident in order to land the job just for you.


  • French
  • English