Success doesn’t come from a resume. Rather, a good resume reflects our success!

Success doesn’t come from a resume. Rather, a good resume reflects our success!

Here’s proof.


I have to tell you something. I am so impressed with a particular client of mine, who has been trusting me with his resume work for a few years now.


This man works in the oil and gas industry, and has for several years now. And let me tell you…. every time he calls me, perhaps once a year or so, he has a new promotion to tell me about!! Whether it be internal or external, he is always movin’ On up! There is no stopping him, in the pursuit of his objective.


Well, do you want to know how he does it?

In between his promotions, he is continuously updating his skills, certifications and expertise. He completes one, and moves on to the next.


How does he pick them? Good question! 

He picks which ones by doing research on what his next employer is looking for. He is proactive, always one step ahead, and hungry to be first in line for the next opportunity. He is well informed, and takes swift action!


Now let me tell you! I take zero credit for his success! This all comes from him directly.

It comes from an inner motivation and personality nobody can teach anyone. That’s just who he is!


This year, the call was to tell me that he had been hired by his ultimate dream employer, in the senior role he wanted.

Wow! I could not have been any happier for him.


His success doesn’t come from his resume.  He did that in his own, through an intrinsic thirst for success, and a proactive ability to do what it takes.

Rather, his resume reflects his success.


May he serve as a great example to people struggling with their career path, perhaps frustrated at the stagnation they feel.

Keep working towards that objective. Nothing great comes easy!